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Originally Posted by Bax Burgess View Post
I'm not experienced with these - did go over to Strings By Mail site to read some comments, several mentioning breakage when tuning up to pitch. Since you prefer using higher tension strings, are you in any way a little hesitant to really dig in on these?
Yes I believe the older version of the strings broke sometimes, but since a year ago I believe Aquila have new versions on the market that don't appear to brake.

In terms of my playing I often dig in hard, I can be quite a rough player when I'm playing blues. I get some fret slap at times, its just part of the dirtiness. Anyway, I prefer that percussive fret-slap sound from these Rubino strings compared to fluorocarbons. In fact, this is why I like the high tension strings because they put up with my abuse much better.

I have a carbon fibre rod in the neck of my guitar, and I'm not worried about high tension strings causing any warping. I also use medium tension basses so the tension is quite even across all strings.
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