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Originally Posted by DMZ View Post
"but dear I can explain ...Chris said buy it so I HAD to.. It was practically a triple dog dare!"
-signed middle age guy married 31 years in midlife crisis at divorce lawyer office.

Realistically I'd love love love try a Hatcher and explore tone fitment someday ...really goes for any custom guitar. I'm also in Iowa. I've only had the rare privilege to play an Olson and a Petros customs in my limited experience. Killer though. Impulse buys are less so for me these days.

Still... Your point haunts
Yes, the caveat, everyone had their own likes and dislikes with tone...however, having touched and played 4 Hatchers, it would be unfathomable to me that there would be anyone unhappy with the tone. Just the lawyer and be proactive
PS. I love guitars!