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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
As usual, the recent Memphis event left me a bit burned out. At this point I have done no actual lutherie in about 3 months, and since I have some commissioned work to get to, I thought I'd better make a spec piece to get myself tuned up; I would not like to be at less than my best when somebody is counting on me!

I was quite discouraged by the lack of interest shown in the All Walnut guitar I featured on my Memphis table. I was pretty careful not to say too much about my own impressions of it, preferring to count on AGFers that I imagined would come by to have a look see. If anyone did, they didn't say anything to me about it! Aside from fit and finish and general concept, which speak for themselves, the thing is, "How does it sound?". Personally, I would have crossed a busy eight lane highway for the answer to that question. It is a genuinely interesting piece of work, IMO.

On the road to the event I received a phone call from a man who had recently acquired one of my older Mini-Ds, the Cambodian/Adi one, and he talked me out of the new BRW/Adi one I showed. I was hesitant to sell it as I prefer to actually have for sale work on the table, but money talks, as they say. I told him the guitar is similar to the one he had already, but more so, and with the BRW thing, which is true. He has received it at this point and I won't be getting it back, so my spec build will be something similar; an FT-000-D Kerala (Mini-D) in BRW/Adi.

Today I joined the plates, stay tuned!
Mean. Yup, mean that FT-15D aka FT-000-D.

That first one in Cambodian Rosewood is so well balanced and brings that sonic boom you want from a dred when called upon. Cambodian Rosewood is the new go to Dalbergia on the block. Finished in 2011, the original price tag began at the old price base of $10,500. Today's base is $13,500+.

This 2015 FT-15/000-D is called a Kerala primarily for its 13 fret placement. 13 fretters seem to create a lot of depth of sound. The Brazilian of course just has a tone of its own no matter where it goes especially in the hands of a master like Bruce.

In an A/B comp between these and other big boys in the closet, it is hands down that the smaller mini D can be more impressive. Sounds like, plays like, (only better) than a full sized dreadnought.

I predict that this will be Sexauer's newest breakthrough model. Oh, and look out you SJ lover's the new girl is in town!

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