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Originally Posted by Ned Milburn View Post
My point is simply that a nut on a guitar is sometimes removed twice, 3 times, or even more over the life of a guitar. Reasons for removing the nut as you know include different string spacings for new owners, lowering nut slots as frets are dressed, chipped nuts (okay, no jokes here ;-) ).

In the case of a stubborn nut, certainly a thin-kerf blade can be a godsend, and making a new nut and only tack-gluing it in is likely one of the best, if not the best option. However, it seems a bit excessive to me if the nut were to be cut out losing a quarter mm each time it required removal. That is all.
I think however, with a competent tech, a stubborn nut is only removed once. The new nut would be installed such that it wouldn't necessitate such an operation again. I do prefer to cut the center as John described and hit the nut toward the kerf, but only if I knew I was wasting that nut.
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