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Originally Posted by redir View Post
I have rolls of various wood vaneers sold as edge band or edge tapes like this:

I use mahogany on mahogany neck guitars and it helps to hide it better. It's real easy to just glue to the nut with CA, trim and then sand it to the desired height. I'm not sure why you would want to use steel because imho it would look funny and be much more difficult to work with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shimming a nut. In fact it's wasteful to buy a new one when you simply have one string out that needs a boost. It won't affect the tone at all unless perhaps like mentioned you stack it up to some ridiculous height.
Excellent idea! I have lots of woodworking experience, but never thought of using veneer stock. Duh.

I don't do any marquetry or inlay, and typically use solid wood strip for edge banding of plywood - so I don't keep any veneer material.
Gonna have to see if I can round up a few scraps.

Thanks a LOT, redir.
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