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Thanks Ikingston and Meb.

Like I said earlier, the easiest I have to chuck in the soundhole is the Fishman Neo-D Humbucker. I donít like the sound direct, at all, but breaking the rules and plugging it into my Tonedexter using a Ď35 L50 wavemap I made is pretty nice. Cool! Also get the DI, gain, vol, tone....the level is poor on its own, but in a nice preamp......zap. But while I get to use the guitar I want at the time, err, the sound is......nothing like the guitar sound.

So I bought the older Fishman REB and really like the sound with 70% mic to 30 mag. But the unit is wide and hard to install, made harder by the mic boom beng way too long. This has been addressed in the new model REB, but I have had my mic boom caught on a brace and it has put me off using on anything expensive! And the little S Mic on the Schertler caught my eye exactly because of the REB.

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