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To Bluesking777

I think lkingston nicely summed up the issues with the clamping system.
I usually loosen both E strings for installation if strings are installed. I
was able to get a pretty good install when I changed strings, and it has
held secure since then. Maybe I am making too much of an issue
of this. It is not horrible, and has not kept the AG-6 from being my pickup of

I swap pickups frequently and have never had a problem damaging the
guitar soundhole with any of them. I don't see why the Schertler clamp should be any different from the screw type in that area.

I use the Baggs M1C2 harness rather that the one that came with the
Schertler, so I have no comments on the 'exposed parts'. I did spend the
$20 for the 1/8" mini plug to 1/4" cable that hangs out the soundhole.
It is TRS, whereas the ones from Baggs and Dimarzio are TS.

Lastly, I love the 1/8" mini plug in the AG6, BA, Skysonic and Baggs
pickups. It makes experimentation much easier. I think Fishman, SD, and
others are missing the boat on this. I would be happy to try their wares if
they were compatible.

Hope this helps.
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