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Originally Posted by ELK View Post
It's probably because you have to hold basically the same position through the whole song. Most of the chords (except the F) are the identical shape, just moved up the neck, so you have to keep constant tension in the same position for a long time. Songs like that can be painful.
I agree with this. I just got back from the weekly band practice (electric), and play pretty much only that shape for an hour or two. It kills my wrist more than a whole day of playing different shapes on acoustic.

The only thing that keeps me being able to play after a little bit, is to vamp the chords more. Relax your hand when you can, if at all possible. It stops the sound and makes it a little more percussive, but an hour or two of power chords is a lot of work.

That and playing pretty much every chord like your F chord - using the lowest three strings. I don't know why, but for me it seems like that shape is easier and less stressful than playing on the middle strings. It just makes the changes a little faster.
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