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Tony, I think you and I are the only ones talking about this, and I can assure you that any comments you make about an Emerald veneer looking like furniture doesn't bother or effect me in any way. I laughed about that. You said it, we discussed it, nobody needs to get worked up about it. From what you are writing, I take it you think this is a big deal if someone comments about something you said. It isn't. Me commenting about Emerald's veneers was no more significant than your comment. If you want to discuss it more, I'm good with that. If you want to let it go, even better.

If our paths ever cross, I'll let you play my Emerald and maybe you'll let me play your Sable? We can talk and laugh and make some music. Maybe we can find someone with a Lava Me (the original post on this thread) and we'll let him join in, too. No RainSongs, though - I draw the line there. Yeah, I'm kidding. It's what I do. Any guitar players would be welcome, even those old fashioned wood players. No banjos, though - we need to have some standards.

That's all the smilies I can come up with to convey humor.
Some CF, some wood.
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