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Default Sexauer 19, chapter 1

Heres a novel idea (for me), Ill start a new chapter before the mods close the old one. That way, I can keep the old ones continuity with the two single 0s I am making for Tom BSoxs B.I.G. and dedicate this one to the new year.

Heres the dread I started today January 7, 2019, and posted in the 2018 thread:

This one is for a traditional Bluegrass player name of Joe Helm. He bought my Paisley Mahogany D-18 from Mike Wilhoyte last year when Mike received the D-28 I made him to replace his actual pre-war Dread. His confidence in me was based on the D-18, and now Joe also has become a believer. But amazingly, Joe wants a traditional Bluegrass dread in Pernambuco. It is not a blind choice as I have an L00 in P here which Joe loves the sound of. This will be an interesting challenge for me.

Here are the joined plated as of ten minutes ago:

If you look closely you might make out the penciled templates.
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