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Default Weekend Work on the Workshop

The weekend is here so it's time to work on the workshop. This week I started getting in my new upgraded layout tools. I'm building modular racks to hold tools to the 4' by 8' slatboard wall behind the workbench. The advantage of the slat board is I can move the rack units around and I can arrange the tools right to the slatboard until I have them organized in a way that works best with my workflow before committing them to a custom rack.

I have four racks done so far and two to go:

Top left is saws and drills and the shelf rack below is smalls including hex nibs and handles. The top middle is planes and scrapers. Below that is the handled tools rack which is mostly chisels.

I now have the layout tools top right on the slatboard until their positions settle in. Below that will be another shelf rack with to-be determined tools.

I am very pleased with how this is working so far and I am happy to see that using hand tools I can reach almost everything I need to make a guitar while standing at my bench.
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