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Originally Posted by Tico View Post
Why not?

We pay a relatively small price for an audio recording that we can listen to an unlimited number of times in the comfort of our homes/cars etc.

But we must pay a relatively huge price for a ticket, then have to travel to a hologram "concert" which, once over, is never to be enjoyed after that one event.
That's a fair point but we pay stupid money for any concert that once over is never to be enjoyed again.

Actually, I have tickets to see the Eagles in a few weeks for what has cost me a small fortune they don't need and I can hardly afford but to me it's worth it.

But you do have me thinking, do I view Deacon Frey as a hologram of his dad or a tribute to his dad? Either way I'm sure I will enjoy and come away with priceless memories - and that's what you probably won't get from a hologram gig.
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