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Originally Posted by mawmow View Post
Interesting : thinner stings on .ADG.. strings, with normal strings on detuned strings E...BE in DADGAD. That makes sense !
Thanks !
I'm trying to figure out what Cleartone String Co. might be up to with their Grand Light set... maybe the same thing.

I think the gauges are something close to:

1. .013
2. .017
3. .025
4. .032
5. .042
6. .053

But for the low E... ??? You know, I'm in love with this set because I've always substituted a .014 for a .013 in a regular set of .013s, going for a bigger sound - a fatter soloing sound on acoustic archtops. But with the .017 for the B string, then the others being really light, I get a similar feel. :-)
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