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Originally Posted by DenverSteve View Post
Let it go and let if flow. Play through it and keep going. For myself mistakes occur when I get distracted by paying attention to someone in the audience or letting my head wander when playing a song I've done a thousand times or rushing. Either way, relax, keep your head in what you're doing and relax. Then relax, breathe and, oh yeah, relax.
This is what happens to me...I get into what I'm playing (as if I were in the audience) and my mind wanders and I make mistakes and have a hard time finding the "thread" again. Keeping focused on what I'm doing and breathing and relaxing is what I need to do I think...thanks for this post. If I make a mistake with a chord or if I'm playing with others strumming and singing this is no problem. I can play right through it. It is different when I'm playing solo finger style.
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