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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
Can you read music with tab?

Assuming you do a bunch of us learned finger style using Mark Hanson's two travis picking books

This one

And this one

You can buy hard copies of the books, make sure you download the associated sound files.

The above books are about developing right hand dexterity.

Getting a teacher - you can do that, but because you are an experienced player you probably don't need one. A teacher can give you insights into technique and music interpretation though.

Also, I have the 120 right hand exercises in GuitarPro (notation and tab) and do it occasionally. I should do it more. I don't play classical style, but I recommend this.

Iíll second Barryís suggestions. Mark came out with a 30th anniversary of both books last year. I did both over the course of 4-5 years and Iíve gone back to learn a couple of new songs in the 2nd bookís 30th anniversary edition. The 2nd book has challenging arrangements that each teach you a lot about fingerstyle technique.

Mark is also my teacher. We do a FaceTime lesson every two weeks. For me itís money well spent. I now do other arrangements from different sources and Mark is excellent in guidance and critique.
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