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The website to which you linked states the following: "Balances spruce X bracing with bow tie plates and a carbon-fiber reinforcement brace to achieve the ultimate in tone and stability."

With that statement, that they "achieve the ultimate in tone and stability", why would they, or anyone else make anything different? You can't beat "the ultimate".

In answer to your question, only time will tell how successful is the design in terms of both tone and longevity. I can't easily find a year when Martin started using HPL, but I find references to it that date back to 2001, so nearly 20 years. That's probably long enough.

It appears that the HPL material, itself, isn't easily repaired, though your question was about the top bracing. There do seem to be some issues with tops and backs separating from the sides, though that should be an easy repair.

The list prices of the X-Series guitars, that employ HPL tops, are $900 or less, putting them in the "lower" cost range. $900 is a lot of money for some, but is relatively inexpensive compared to many other guitar makes and models available. From that perspective, they probably aren't designed or intended to be family heirlooms. If they last 10 years, that's $90/year for the enjoyment of playing it, less than many pay per month for their phone/internet service. I'm not a proponent of throw-away consumer goods, so I'd hope they would last longer than that.
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