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Originally Posted by gitnoob View Post
My understanding is that the orientation makes no difference, but I would have liked to hear the discussion.
Luthier #1-a luthier of noted talent-said that, in theory , the reversed orientation would tighten the bass side and loosen the treble. Thus, in theory, it would push the tone toward the mid. In practice, he said, he didn't know what would happen and it was not a risk he would want to take.

Luthier #2- a longtime repair guy- said that he's converted a number of left hand Martin to right handed and they sounded just fine.

Larry and I believed the latter, but wanted to do it right on principle. When I saw the tidiness of Larry's fix, i was really, really impressed!

Nice looking box, BTW!
Thank you!

So you decided not to tuck the lower legs of the X into the kerfing? I'm curious if that was discussed -- I've always wondered if tucking was necessary. Seems like it shouldn't be, but everybody does it.
I don't remember now which ends were faded out and which were tucked. I think we faded out the lower bout ends of the X, tucked the upper ends.
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