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One of the fun things about doing this build with Jamie is the collaborative process. He is adventurous yet assured in his tastes. This allows us to present different design schemes and for him to choose the path to take. I know we would all like to believe that we have that ability, but actually it’s hard for most of us to take even small risks. Jamie has courage in his blood, and so here’s a presentation of the rosette design in light of this.

We’ve started with a Guatemalan Rosewood blank. This is to complement the color choices that have been picked out so far.

Then I have routed many arcs at defined radii to set up the overall scheme.

Next I cut out a bunch of matching Osage Orange arcs with matching grain patterns.

After purfling each segment, they are fit to length and then met with a Purpleheart wedge to close the gap.

Here you get the feel of the overall design.

Then I routed out the ring oversize to prep for inlaying the whole piece.

We then pull out brickhenge to clamp down the ring and its needed purfling.

Finally, cut out the sound hole to reveal the overall look.

Thanks for following!
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