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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
According to this article
At the very bottom you will see a chart that says the large diaphram has lower dynamic range...
Well, tho DPA is a reputable source, this chart seems way too generic to me to be meaningful. But even if it applies to the specific mics you are considering, I serious doubt you can get 119db dynamic range out of a guitar, or capture that reasonably on a recording. A CD, at 16 bits can only capture 96 db, for example. Yes, if you record at 24 bits, you can theoretically store more dynamic range (144db, I believe), but your gear and noise floor probably won't support that. In a home studio, if you can get a -70db noise floor, you'll be doing great. For acoustic guitar, dynamic range just doesn't seem to be a consideration to me. Maybe if you were recording an orchestra, or even drums.
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