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Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
Mics are like wine: everyone has a favorite flavor and many will argue vehemently that theirs is the best. If you ask a grizzled old recording engineer what is the best mic for a particular application, he'll likely scratch his chin, think for a couple of seconds, and answer, "Mmmm... it depends."

I've got access to a mic locker of over 200 excellent mics here where I work and after years I still fiddle with different choices. Now, mind you, when the rubber hits the road and we are in a serious session, I'm quickly down to just a few favorites.

Hey Bob, I'd love to hear what those favourites are? I know, I know……..acoustic room treatment, mic placement, mixing, performance, good source, but I'd still love to hear what "your" favourite mikes are.
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