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Originally Posted by Viking View Post
You should watch (if you haven't) Matthias Wandel's shop made dust collector video. Fascinating. He gets a tremendous amount of power out of the impeller he built.
I'm not quite sure what to make of what he's done and his approach to doing it. It looks like a fun experiment, but not a very practical means to having a quiet, low cost, shop vac. The science and engineering behind making a shop vac type machine is well known, much of which he sort of skirted around. His vacuum sort of reminds me of the use of a cogged wheel as a predecessor to the employment of the technology used in gears. They both largely do the same thing, but one lacks the refinement and "science" of the other. Still, kudos to him for doing it, though these days it isn't how I'd choose to spend my time, effort or money.

But for a married father of two with bills to pay, this is the best I can do right now. If it gives me a basic thicknessing capability, then I'll be happy with it.
I understand the no-money thing. I started out with a Sears router, literally a hand full of hand tools and a rickety bench. I had lots of time and no money. Basic thicknessing capability is a hand plane, scraper and sandpaper.

I also understand the desire to do it all from the ground up, making all one's own tools, jigs, machinery, etc. Also been there, done lots of that. Designing and making tools is a different activity than making guitars. Just depends upon where one's interests lie, how one partitions one's time between making tools and making guitars.

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