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I grew up on the Old Pueblo but havenít been back for more than a visit since about 1982. In those days Rainbow was a little hole in the wall In a corner strip mall just up from its current location, on the Grant side of Grant and Campbell - now itís got a big old place up the block on Campbell.

I bought my first cheap acoustic in a pawn shop in Olympia, WA in 1977, but then moved back to Tucson as I was getting into playing and went through about 3-4 electrics, all from Rainbow, before finally landing on a used $400 strat that was my only electric for 25+ years. And I bought a used and slightly abused 1968 D-28, also for about $400-425 that was my only acoustic for the same 25+ years. Iíve never been in the current bigger Rainbow - just driven past it. Last time I was in Tucson I was a few months from having started playing again after a looooooong lay-off. Next time Iím in town Iím gonna check it out.

I donít remember the Folk Shop - maybe it wasnít there by the early 80s??? But I remember getting absolutely lost in the racks at Chicago Music downtown in those days. The gems Iíd find I could never afford, but my god it was fun checking stuff out there. That was the only location in those days and Iím pretty sure their current downtown spot is a different one - and they didnít have a second shop on Speedway in those days.

I remember some other shop Iím thinking on Broadway out towards El Con (could be way off) where I took a couple of guitar and drum lessons when I was about 9 or 10 - none of it took though at that point, and I donít remember much of anything about it.

Two nice acoustics, two nice electrics, nothing ultra fancy but all great playing, great sounding instruments that are way better than their owner
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