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Originally Posted by scottyguitar View Post
I lived in Tucson for many years. In addition to Rainbow Guitars, The Chicago Store used to be a really cool place stuffed with everything musical imaginable. A quick check online shows they are still in business with a store on E Speedway in addition to the original location downtown.

I havenít been there in many years but the downtown store was an awesome experience.

Man, I miss Lucky Wishbone! And Eegees, and Greasy Tonyís, and Los Fuentes and and...

Oh my. You bring back memories Scotty. The Chicago Store was amazing in the 60's and 70's. Brothers Phil and Joe had some amazing guitars come through the shop. Not the easiest place to get a score, they were sharper than broken glass. There was the main floor and then the hidden stash, upstairs. It was almost like going into an instrument museum. Incredible times in the Tucson music seen.

I ditto Lucky Wishbone, Los Fuentes and throw in Pancho`s and Casa Molina.
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