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Originally Posted by Daveyo View Post
just came from Guitar center hollywood, they are in the middle of
remodeling, darn, most of the guitars are locked up now
used to be fun to try out guitars but its a bit of overkill i think
I used to have two local guitar centers and at one point they started locking up the good stuff. At the same time they started building a new store that was pretty much at the midpoint between both stores. When the new store opened and the other two were consolidated into this one new store, they had redesigned the acoustic room so that there were 3 levels of guitar hangers, the topmost being used for the higher end guitars. You need a staff member and a ladder to retrieve one of the upper level guitars. So the $1,500 and under guitars are still accessible to be played onehere. Of course the ones I'm thinking about buying are on the top, lol, but they gladly get them down when asked.

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