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Default How to Post Pictures And Videos On the AGF

There are three ways to post pictures here, depending on where the source picture resides. If it is on your mobile device, the AGF APP is very easy to use and works well with both Apple and Android systems. The AGF app is built on the Tapatalk application. Because of a recent change in their app structure, the AGF app now requires charter membership to post pictures. Nonmembers can still post pictures here for free using the Tapatalk app.

If your pictures are at a third-party host, see this thread. Many people are no longer using Photobucket because of the price increase, but there are many others available.

The AGF appreciates the financial support of its members. One of the most valuable benefits members receive is the ability to upload pictures directly from one's computer. These directions are in the FAQs... click HERE.

Charter members may post their pictures as attachments by...

1. Ensure file is jpg or jpeg, no larger than 600x600, and 1MB (the system will automatically resize larger images in some, but not all, cases)

2. Click on the paperclip icon

3. Click on "Choose File." Browse to the location of the file on your computer, hit "Open," and then hit "Upload"

4. Click the "Close this window" text

5. Click the paperclip icon again and click on the attachment that shows in the drop down menu. This will insert the image inline

To manage your attachments go to User Control Panel--Miscellaneous--Attachments. The attachment system also works with mobile browsers, if one prefers not to use the AGF app.

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