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Default Spec Guitars

The world of guitar making moves rather slowly. I plan my spec guitars way in advance and often put a few woods aside with and idea for a look or theme. I then start to accumulate the additional woods and research etc.
Last week I was visiting a new (to me) woods supplier and came across this burning Cocobolo board:

This would provide a great fretboard, bridge and trim for this Tunnel 13 Redwood top:

These two sparked an idea for a theme. Usually you hear about Tunnel 13 being the location of the last great western train robbery. We often hear all about the train tunnel, I think it's time to look into the train and the people involved:

The train, as luck would have it was #13 The Oregon Express. So this is the start of a new guitar spec scheduled to arrive when the time is ripe next year. I hope to have you all aboard when the build thread begins!
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