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Originally Posted by kramster View Post
To not quit a day job do you actually have to have a day job to not quit? Just wonderin’.
As a trophy husband, I still have to earn my keep. Being "arm candy" isn't that much of a burden, but today I was pressed into service as a dryer repairman. I had no idea what happened inside a dryer once you close the door and press "start." The Blonde thinks I am "on call" for this kind of thing. Got as far as I could with it when discovering a messed up wire spring heating element that could have burned the place down. That part should be in on Friday.

Then, I had to pick where to go for a late lunch... BBQ is always a safe (and tasty) bet. It's a lot of pressure doing all this deciding. At least you people with "real jobs" get a day off now and then.

Don't worry about me, though... I played the X10 while the Blonde was making breakfast - seems that playing guitar gets me out of work, at least for a while.