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Bob Womack
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Let' see:

"Song for Ruth", a little fingerstyle thing in G involving the whole neck and chiming which I wrote for my wife while we were dating, twenty years ago. It sounds and plays wonderfully on the K14c. In fact, the first time my wife heard it on a K14c in a store, she said, "We simply have to get one of those for you!" Amen. The sweetness just gets better with time.

"Little Martha" by Duane Allman. It's in open D and I have most of the two parts condensed onto one guitar. It really sounds better and plays easier on my Conn F-27 rosewood dread, but it is respectable on a K14c. It's funny that this was a lullabye written for Duane's daughter, Galladriel, but it was named for a young girl buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, where he used to go to relax.

"All My Lovin'" by Lennon/McCartney is gorgeous in standard tuning.

I'm currently working up fingerstyle versions of "Can't Get It Out of My Head" by ELO, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and "Scotland the Brave", so I'm both a busy little beaver and someone surrounded by beautiful tunes.

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