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Originally posted by Erm:
Just a side note if I may,

JW, I recently saw the Hell Freezes over video and got to tell ya that I was completely impressed by the professionalism on that stage. Not to mention the quality of gear those guys brought around on that tour. Has anyone seen this and the guitars they used? Oh My.....

Don Felder and Joe Walsh are masters at picking the perfect guitar that fits that particular tune. Strats, Gibsons, Gretsch, Rics, Teles, all were used to their advantage. Each tune brought out a different guitar and every one was so righteous!

No Taylors, mostly Taks but that's alright, I'm sure their Taylors are at home.

They are living our dream!

I want them all!!!!! Oh man, another GAS attack...........
I have the video but was at the actual performance. ive never seen a better audiance. As they began to play the intro to Hotel California no one knew but once it was out the crowd went wild. After it was all over I knew I had to learn to play it this way. There is no sheet music for it and Ive watched the video and listened to the CD countless times in order to learn it. Ive nailed it pretty good but im still working on it but you will never match that performance. Everytime I think about it right up front the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Ive been to many an Eagles concert but none lives up to the "Hell freezes over" concert. These guys were all business and it showed. I took a new Takamine with me and have all the autographs on it from Joe Walsh to Don Henley. Don signed his name and wrote Hell froze over tonight and dated it. A lot of Takamine's got played that night. Best concert Ive ever been to in my life. I hope to see more. JW
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