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We've been following your progress via the blog, Jim. Way to go! Yes it is very easy to overdo things and have some setbacks, but the overall trend is in the positive direction. That "it was all worth it" day is coming, even if a bit slower than you wanted.

I was released from the sling as of last Thursday and cleared to carefully play. Now I have managed a few 30 minute playing sessions myself, almost every day. So far I am limited to finger style, as strumming would jostle the shoulder too much. My fingertips get sore too easily but will recover their toughness. PT is uncomfortable (read: painful) during the session itself, but is necessary to recovering full range of motion. Tomorrow will include playing fro about 45 minutes with the Uncles (honored elders) at the senior center's Hawaiian music day, followed by lunch. That will be ukulele and voice in front of a crowd, backed by a choir. He's baaaaack.....