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Hey all, thank you for encouraging me to do this! I asked for the action to be as low as possible without string buzz, to which they responded "string buzz will never be a problem if the setup is done right" or something to that effect. Very reassuring! Sure enough I got it back in about a week and a half with super low action! I've been mostly into fingerstyle type stuff lately so it has been perfect. This, combined with some supplements that may or not be working (turmeric, fish oil) and some more awareness through this experience of what causes my finger pain (playing thumb over chords way too much, pressing down too hard/finger placement, playing all day nonstop, etc.), I'm pleased to say I am back playing a bunch! Occasionally I still overdo it, pretty much played all day yesterday and could feel a little bit more soreness, but I just have to be smart when practicing.

So glad I did this! Thanks again!
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