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Cool AEA A840 Phantom-Powered Ribbon Mic MINT

For sale an AEA A840 Phantom-Powered Ribbon Mic in Mint Condition.
I bought this a couple of years ago and then promptly started prepping my house for sale and building a new house. In other words, I lost my recording space as well as any time to record. I used it a few times but don't really have the time or space anymore. A rather unique mic that is insensitive to lower input preamp impedance's so it can be used with a number of preamps to get a number of different tonal possibilities. It can be used in a varsity of applications. I only used it on acoustic guitars, but unfortunately not enough to dial it in. Mic stand not included.

Asking $1200 plus shipping and a split of PayPal fees.

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AEA A840 Ribbon Mic For Sale

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