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Mapletrees--> When I make a B chord I barre the top 5 strings(not low E) and use my pinky, middle, and ring fingers on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings at the forth fret. I can't seem to barre all 6 strings when making a B. So in other words I don't play the low F#. When I have tried to use just my index finger at the forth that doesn't work well for me at all. Also I have heard others say that it is easier to barre higher up the neck but this has been just the opposite for me. I have no problem barring at 1-6th frets, but when I get to the 7th fret it gets tougher for me, especially for quicker changes(like radioheads "creep"). Anyways barring itself is not my problem but I am tripping over switching from open chords to barre chords(like C to F in Dylan's "Most of the Time") Any advice on how to speed up my changes from open chords to barres or is it just practice, practice, practice? Thank ya, and sorry Shea for stealing your thread.
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