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Default Interesting observation about humidity

Partly because of the recent threads her about the effects of humidity, I decided to keep a closer eye on the humidity in my guitar room than I normally would due to an approaching cold front.

In the spring, summer, and fall here the inside humidity typically ranges anywhere from the mid 40% to as high as 54%, all with the AC running and outside temps in the 80ís and 90ís. Last Thursday for example, a somewhat rainy, cloudy day, it was 84 degrees outside with 54% inside humidity.

This past weekends cold front has brought about a significant change however. Yesterday the outside temperature only reached a high of 67 degrees and the inside humidity dropped to 43%. Overnight the temperature dropped to 40 degrees, the furnace is now putting out warm air, and the inside humidity has dropped to 37%. Guitars are in their cases of course, but I thought it interesting to observe the changes in humidity when the heat was on and the outside temps dropped vs. the normal AC and very warm temps.
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