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Steve- This FS is working so well for me. I'm very grateful each time I pick it up! There really isn't anything I need to do that this Redwood/Indonesian FS doesn't do so well.

And Stan.... when I was talking to Ryan before I got this guitar, one of the things I needed was this warmer sound, responsive for finger style, and then able to shift and also handle a pick/strumming without my having to worry about the sound breaking up. And this FS can easily do that. I often use this guitar for a contemplative worship service I play, and in that service I am switching back and forth between finger style and strumming. I don't have a heavy hand, but the sound doesn't break up at all and I can stay with the guy with the Martin Dread with medium strings who is thumping behind me! The instruments actually blend quite well. This FS is my most versatile guitar. It's just a really great instrument!

I'm looking forward to hearing what your experience is when this beauty is in your hands!

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