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Thanks, Nemoman!

Back in January I was in Nacogdoches for the winter meeting of the Texas Ornithological Society, but since the weather was extremely cold and windy and I was finding the field trips less fun than usual, I ended up doing more music than birding. I had already arranged to visit Steve's shop and, since he and his wife are members of the local Audubon group, I saw them a good bit at the TOS meeting too. I played a number of his guitars while at his shop (including the one he recently sold to John Sebastian), and had a blast there as well as at the jam at the Old Time String Shop. I even wrote a song one morning, inspired by the weather, and drove up to my family's hometown and sang it for my cousins.

Rather than attach a bunch of huge photos, here's a link to my Facebook album on Nacogdoches:

I won't narrate the entire saga of my several visits over there since then, but get right to the guitar in progress. There are more pics of it in another FB album here:

We chose to do his FS (finger style) body with a cutaway and a Manzer wedge. A nice (but no-name) redwood top with Guatemalan Rosewood back and sides, bound with a darker Amazon Rosewood. The fretboard and bridge will be Texas Ebony and the faceplate more Guatemalan. We were going to go with a traditional three ring rosette, but Ryan came up with this amazing curly Bubinga - and the results are stunning, to my eye.

Sonically, our target is a rich, complex (but still clean) tone with a deep bass and singing trebles. Some of the things I write and sing are more classical than cowboy, and this is the guitar for that Dr. Jekyll side of me. My current dreadnaught works fine for my Hank Williams/Mr. Hyde side.
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