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Thanks for the very informative information. You guys are great and very nice. I now have a new addiction I guess.

I went by guitar center today and looked around. I have to stay under $200 or my wife will snack me over the head with whatever I come home with. So, I looked at a lot of guitars. The guys there were nice enough to hook few up for me. I know this is bad, but I couldn't tell much difference in the nice ones compared to the Squier affinity I'm wanting to get. The guy playing it could I'm sure. I just don't know enough yet. Very confusing. I did like how the Squier fit in my hands.

So, I have a friend who owns a music store who sold me the two acoustics. He didn't lead me wrong there. He has numerous to pick from and he knows I'm hooked now...... So, he could probably sell me whatever ..... However, he said just get one of the Squier affinity type entry level guitars for now and come back and get something nice for xmas when I know more about guitars.

At this point, he's right. I don't know jack about guitars. Based on tonight's practice, I need a cheap one so I can break it in half. Unless I change my mind..... Probably get the Squier affinity tomor.

Thanks again guys. I will follow-up with what I get. If you don't hear from me, you know the wife caught me with coming in the door.
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