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Originally Posted by Neonzapper View Post
It is personal preference. Of the list you provided, I would go with the Epiphone SG, because it is very light, has a high fret cut-away, decent electronics, and stays in tune during the song. I also prefer the feel of the neck to the others listed. My second choice would be the Squire.
Thanks. Hoping to hold some of them tomor and weekend. Just trying to find something to start with. Just started playing with my son. I'm 53 and never touched a guitar. I bought us both acoustics for xmas and traded for an Ibanez electric RG1570 the other day, but we need another one. My son will not put down the Ibanez... It has floating trem and kind of hard to tune but seems to hold when I get it there. Nice guitar, but got to have another one or I won't get to play. Very tempting to put up the acoustics. Electric plays much easier.
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