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Originally Posted by Paleolith54 View Post
I didn't see a Squier Telecaster on the list (my first choice, probably), otherwise it's as good a list as any other. My advice:

1. Buy used if you can. Craigslist, are good places to look.

2. Pay lots more attention to how it feels in your hand than to anything else, IMO.

3. Spend some minimal time on Google and Youtube learning how to do a good basic set-up on whatever you buy, then do it. You'll learn, your guitar will play better, you'll feel more in control of the instrument, and even if you screw something up (highly unlikely) you haven't lost much. Set neck relief, string height, pickup height, intonation, in that order. Then play it for a while and see what you think before messing with it any more.

4. BTW, don't get hung up on esoteric tools like radius gauges; you can measure the height on your two E strings, then do all the rest by feel (this is exactly, BTW, how some boutique shops do it). You'll know what all this means after you do your research.

5. Likewise, don't get all hung up on string gauge, pick thickness, and all the other stuff we tend to obsess over. Save that for later so you can REALLY spend some money!

6. Don't forget you need a practice amp. I'd go as cheap as you can, honestly, as even though you may quickly outgrow it you'll always find a use for that little Gorilla or 10-watt Fender Frontman, or whatever cheap little box you start with.

Have fun! This is a great time in history to buy cheap guitars, it's hard these days to get a real dog.
Thanks for the good information. I've been doing the research like you mentioned. Planning going by store this weekend to pick one up. Thanks again
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