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Default Epiphone Blackstone project continues...

I had a chance this weekend to continue the repairs on my 1949 (not a 1954, as I had thought), Blackstone. After my Stew-Mac order was delayed by a few days, I placed a back-up order with LMI and bought two of their very expensive, but USA made, low profile truss rods (the adjuster nuts are 1/4" O.D., which is nice and compact). One of the rods, is a simple single-way and the other is a two-way adjustable type. These arrived via FedEx Saturday morning! So, after some real strong considerations about which rod to use and which way to locate the adjuster nut, I decided on keeping the adjuster mechanism nut at the modified headstock position and to use the two-way rod. I began by scraping the old glue off the neck/fretboard joint and then lightly sanding the surface. The old truss rod groove was then milled out to accept a maple filler strip. Once the new maple filler strip was cut to fit the cleaned out groove, it was fitted and clamped tight and then set aside for the glue to cure. After the glue dried, the filler strip was precision routed to LMI specifications and the headstock notch was modified to accept a 9/64" hex key wrench. Finally, an access hole for the adjuster nut was bored-out and the new truss rod was test fitted. Here are a few pics -

Thanks for letting me post on your forum. Let me know what you think.
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