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Hi folks,

Thought I'd finish up the thread with a little sound clip I recorded yesterday of one of my favorite tunes. The guitar has opened up substantially and after slightly lowering the action and a micro truss rod turn it is really breathing and sounding like a much older and more open guitar! Really spectacular, immediate tone when you go up the neck.

I played my first gig with it last night and can confirm it's everything I needed in an updated performance guitar and I look forward to playing bigger stages with it in the future. The shorter scale and beefier neck make it much more friendly for long hours than my current Larrivee, admittedly. That one will stick around of course but more as a backup guitar during hot, humid days outside in the summer.

The tune here is one of my long-time favorites from Stephen Bennett's masterpiece album "Ten". Standard tuning with partial capo at the 4th fret allowing the 1st string to ring out permitting further exploration of the key of B.

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