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In the classes I attended before the knee replacement, there were both hip and knee patients in the class. They said that the hips were a lot less painful deal than the sure don't sound like it. I'm still having my share of problems after 3 and a half months, but can function for the most part. The PT guy said you always hear about the fast recoveries that take a month or so...well, you aren't in that group. Sounds like you aren't in that group either Jim. It was 2 hours of sleep a night for months for me, so I can relate to that. I hate it when someone says "Give it time" so I won't say that to you, but I do hope you start getting better. Another thing they said in the class was that the hip patients had to refrain from any $exual activity for at least 6 months, so you got that to look forward to. Play, Play helps.