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We are back in the Tropical Tip, having enjoyed a delightful summer in a cooler climate. The X10 I ordered was supposed to ship yesterday - I needed to have an address where it could be sent, not possible while we were out in our motorhome. The guitar was done a couple weeks ago, but I asked Kevin at Emerald to just hang onto it until we knew we'd be home. Apparently Alistair found something that needed to be addressed (I didn't ask) and needed the weekend to do that. Monday is the new shipping date (the 3rd of those).

Yes, I am anxious to see this new model. No, a couple days is no big deal for it to be "perfect" (not my words).

We have been busy since getting home - it takes a while to get moved out of the motorhome and back into the house, and all that goes with each of those. Today was the first day we haven't been "going after it"... I took my Honey out for breakfast at a restaurant on the pier. With live music (mellow singer/guitarist) - Evan would like it: the guy is an outstanding musician, playing fingerstyle on his nylon guitar.

We drove around a bit, seeing what had changed in the last 3 months. Our island and South Padre Island are looking good. We'll get the boat out this next week; I'm looking forward to some time on the water.

But, the best part of the day: I got my guitar room back in order. I have room for 5 guitars out. The X7 went back on the wall the day we got back. The X20 joined it today. And a Yamaha electric bass I use for recording. One spot is reserved for the incoming X10. The last spot went to my Taylor 814... it hasn't been out of the case in almost a year. It is a lovely guitar: tobacco burst top, curly maple binding, spruce over rosewood. It looks and plays great... I had kinda forgotten how comfortable that Taylor neck is, in spite of those "hard edges" on the body. It will probably be the wood acoustic I'll keep.

I did spend about an hour playing (mostly the X20), dialing in the Bose S1... before I got roped into a plumbing project (helping the Blonde with replacing faucet stems) and replacing the doorbell (they last about 2 to 3 years at best in our salt-air environment).

So, there won't be any shortage of things to keep me busy while wait to hear if the X10 ships on Monday, and the ensuing tracking.