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Default Top purfling complete ...

I have to admit when Steve and I first discussed the Lignum Vitae purfling with 1/3 sapwood and 2/3 heartwood to give a pulsed look, I was skeptical. Then we did a couple photoshop mockups of the rosette. I was completely on board. Now to see it implemented on the top is fabulous! And to see the process to getting there is intriguing too!

Here the slabs of Lignum Vitae cut from the block. These are approximately .055" thick, just shy of 1/16".

Then cut into strips with 1/3 sapwood, 2/3 heartwood.

Then each tile is cut to 1/16" wide and mitered at 45 degrees to give the herringbone effect (same as rosette).

The teflon spacer is removed from around the top.

And the tedious job of gluing in the tiles begins.

And voila! Awesome job Steve! Looks Beautimus!

And the fit around the cutaway horn couldn't be more perfect.

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