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Default Open Tuning on Sound Clips?

I have a question about preferences for sound clips. I invite a number of local artists to my studio to make demo sound clips. I ask them to play what they feel the guitar wants to play.

I do make some requests;
Keep it short (2:00 min or so)
Play across the strings and up and down the fretboard
Give an opportunity to show sustain

So here is my question; When you are listening to a sound clip do you feel open tuning interferes with your evaluation or is helpful?

Personally I think it's helpful. If a the low end sounds good in drop D you know E is covered. If E sounds good you don't know if D is good.
But I often play in open tuning. If I tended not to maybe open tuning would just makes it harder to get a feel for how the guitar sounds. Maybe I am totally missing something else? So I'd appreciate your take on this

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