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Default Finished Guitars

I've been preparing to do some upcoming shows which means I need to actually build up some unsold guitars. This requires long term planning to avoid having to do panic rush guitars. I've been working away around my regular commissions. Of course, it's hard to turn down a sale on a finished guitar so I planned to make extras and not really push that I have these guitars available. In any case, I just realized that I have four different models finished in my studio for the first time ever. I thought I should take some pictures so they can be somewhat compared without using Photoshop to get them into the same picture;

These are my small jumbo quilted Maple Josie, EIR grand auditorium Greta (sold), Black Ebony Penelope 12 fret, and figured Padauk parlor Pina.
Now I also do a nice Penelope crossover and am just coming out with my Bacchus Baritone which has the same body profile as the Bella acoustic bass that I make on occasion. My first Bacchus is not yet completed.

Here is a pretty good shot of the various headstock designs I offer;

It's nice to have these all in one room to play. Tomorrow Greta is getting picked up and yesterday I picked up the Josie which was displayed at an art show for a month. So this is a fleeting moment!

Thanks for viewing!
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