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Default Final Set Up

I got the final set up done on this spec Pina parlor. Now that is has a bone saddle the trebles are a bit brighter and it has a great dynamic and balanced sound;

The Hard Maple neck seems to add additional sustain;

The guitar is African Padauk and it is trimmed in Black Ebony;

The top is Swiss alpine moon Spruce. It has a gold MOP 12th fret inlay and radial African Padauk purfling with more cross grained Padauk in the rosette;

There is a cutaway and Black Ebony strap buttons. The neck button is set in a recessed facet for security and freedom of fret hand movement;

I did a bit of Black Ebony sculpting to maintain the line of flow on the back binding;

To keep the weight of the Hard Maple neck in balance I designed a lighter open headstock specifically for this model;

and I also used the rather lightweight Schertler tuners;

I brought the African Padauk up the back of the neck in the center laminate and then onto the back headstock laminate;

This Padauk is bordered with a black purfling line to keep it all nice and crisp.

Thanks for viewing!
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