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I have a new favorite wood to work with; Olivewood. I love the look, the smell, and the workability. I'm making a Penelope 12 fret model with figured Italian Olivewood and am finding that it a joy to work with.

I do mostly freehand work when I build a guitar. I've talked about this over the years, about how by avoiding too many jigs your work evolves, sometimes it happens seemingly all on it's own. Because I work the woods literally "hands on" a new wood it is like learning a new guitar song. You know where you want to go but, you need to work it until, I guess, your muscle memory kicks in and you just have a "feel" for it. With years of experience this process shortens but, never disappears.
Same with wood. I have this Olivewood and I know there is a lot of potential but I need to work it and see where it leads. So what to do? Play and learn the wood and don't start out worrying about guitars;

So by the time I get to an omelet spatula you can see that my inner luthier is already kicking in:

I love the sculpturing possibilities this wood has so let's get back to building that Penelope;

Wait till you see the headstock image that wants out of my head!
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