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Originally Posted by dlowry View Post
Nice rosette! I have a weakness for slim abalone rings to accentuate a wood rosette without being over-blingy. Is that 1.2mm ZipFlex?

Hi Drew,

Yes it is. I'll be using it throughout the guitar along with other abalone fpr inlays on the fretboard and end graft. It just take a thin line to really shine on that black background.

Originally Posted by lizzard View Post

If you can just sell the others, You bonus yourself the exhibit and travel expenses.

I'm doing MY part!

Well you won't hear me complain about selling these! It will be awhile before I do my first show so I already am putting together my ideas on how and what to replace these with. And I appreciate the part your doing!

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Lovely work as usual, Mark. Especially like this shot:
Thanks Steve! I haven't done any French polish in a while. It's great to get back into the groove.

Thank you everyone!
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