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Originally Posted by Petty1818 View Post
A bit off topic but I have a K&K in my Larrivee OM-03. I usually only use that guitar at home so I really have never taken much time to play around with the pickup. In my Taylor however, I have easily tried ten different pickups but never the K&K (not sure why). Long story short, I played the Larrivee today and the K&K really is a fantastic pickup. It has a nice woody and warm tone and really reacts well to dynamic playing. I am definitely putting one in my Taylor. I think it will also be a great match for that guitar as it has a brighter tone.
Hi Petty

I had a Taylor 714ce (Rosewood/Cedar top) which my gigging partner bought from me 18 years ago (it's now 21 yrs old). He put in a K&K and it sounds great. I've heard plenty of Taylors with K&K Pure Mini in them and they sound nice.

All pickups have characteristics (limitations and strengths) and my first thought if I'm mixing and someone shows up with a K&K and no preamp is, loan them a preamp, trim the bass and low mids, and boost the trebles slightly.

I don't do that without listening to the guitar through the system, but that tends to be the 'treatment' that is a given as a start point. I also find the K&K Pure mini pretty forgiving. They sound very acoustic-like in most guitars through most PA systems.

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